Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rowan's Recap... "I never fear anything, I just respect it."

After he reached the Summit of Victoria Peak, Row answers a few questions about the experience...

What did you do to prepare for the climb?

We trained. We walked long distances but the drawback is that the city doesn’t have hills... I would find out later that was a pretty big drawback.

How long did it take?

It took 2 and ½ days to the Peak and another 2 days to get back.

What did you take with you?

My backpack with a bladder of water. I wanted to take some other things like my DS but too bad! I’m glad I didn’t take them! My dad said he’d been on trips (up Victoria Peak) before where people were actually throwing out their socks to make their packs lighter!

Was the experience how you expected?

I thought it would be a little steep, but WOW! I have respect for that mountain. You know, I never fear anything, I just respect it.

Are you pleased with how much money you’ve raised? What would you like to say to people who have sponsored and supported you?

I’m really glad that I’m getting the support and everybody wants to donate and they don’t hesitate either. I really appreciate that!

What first gave you the idea?

The Summer Camp lost some major funding, so I thought what about the other kids? I have my parents’ support, but the others come from less and are not as fortunate as us.

Has it given you a taste for adventures like this?

Yeah! IF there are animals involved, why not?!

Do you have anything else planned?

My dad says maybe next year we can do a walk across Belize. It probably won’t be easy but at least the road is paved!

In what ways has BCVI supported you over the years?

I can’t even begin! They’ve provided all the equipment I need and not only that, but also mental support. Just because you’re blind, doesn’t mean you’ve invalid.

This year's Summer Camp will be centered around Technology and will take place in Belize City from July 10th to July 22nd. We will be updating regularly then. So, come back then to visit the Ambassadors for Sight!