Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Getting Ready!

Yesterday I walked 4 miles at a fairly brisk pace in an hour and 10 mins. My backpack is a lot more comfortable now. Today, I went for a shorter walk but at a faster pace. I'm really getting excited and I hope March gets here quickly!

Thank you all so much for following me, and posting comments ~ I truly appreciate them all! Your comments encourage me and give me motivation to continue training very hard.

Read the story that was aired on Channel 7 News!

*Please note there has been a change in the date for the Climb. It has been moved up to Thursday March 24th!*

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  1. Hi Rowan! This is Becky from Virginia, USA. I used to work with your Mom at IHC before I became a teacher! I have met you a few times. I am so proud of you Ro for planning your climb with your Dad! I have been telling so many people in Virginia about you!

    Ro, you are going to be one popular kid in my classroom in Virginia! Here's why:

    I teach Science in the 5th Grade (this is age 10 and 11 in the states) and I can't wait to tell all of my 110 students about you! I am going to use the picture of you with your pet turtle that is on this blog as a quiz question. The question is going to be: What kingdom is this organism classified in? Is the turtle a vertebrate or an invertebrate? Is this organism made up of plant cells or animal cells?

    I can also use the picture of Victoria Peak as science quiz questions. I can ask: what type of plate boundary creates mountains? (convergent) The rock cycle makes new rocks at the same time as it wears old rocks down by weathering. What is the difference between weathering and erosion?

    Also: Is Rowan's climbing body an example of kinetic or potential energy?

    I am so excited to follow your blog! Please tell me what you are learning in your science class. We have a pet turtle in my classroom. He is a red eared slider. The students named him Bubbles. We are also growing underwater grasses in a big tank. Do you have questions for my students? Please keep in touch.


  2. Hi Becky:
    Is it cold in Virginia? Science is my favorite subject. Currently we are learning about the human skeleton. I am in Std. 5 which would be 7th grade. We have a small classroom with only 20 students. Thanks for telling people what I am trying to achieve. I would be interested to hear from the students in your class and their answers to your questions. It is fascinating that you are growing underwater grasses, what is that like? How do you care for the plants? Thanks for following the blog. Hope that you will visit us in Belize soon. Love, Row

  3. Hi Rowan and Becky! Rowan - this is my first time reading your blog and I love it! I am very proud of you for taking on this challenge. I can't make you make you as famous and Miss Becky can, but I did tell all my friends about your challenge on Facebook. When are you going to come visit us in Virginia again? Ask your mom about the last hike she took with us girls here in Virginia. She said her legs were going FALL OFF! But she did it, and even went up onto some high high rocks. I don't think they were as high as Victoria Peak though!

    Good luck Row and Joe!

    Love, Ashley

    P.S. Becky you are the best science teacher I know! Your students are so lucky!

  4. Also - I think the answer is kinetic energy...am I right?! :)

  5. Ashley - U R right!! Thanks for the comment and I do hope to see u in Richmond very soooon. I love and Maymont!!Love u, Rowan