Monday, February 14, 2011

Please invite others to follow & please donate!

Thank you for your uplifting comments.  They have really  given me hope that I will succeed.  Please invite others to donate and to follow my training and my journey. 

No donation is too great or too small.  Every penny counts.  BCVI is finding it difficult to purchase equipment that will help us in our every day lives.  We the visually impaired people need your help.  Every individual can make a huge difference.

Please donate by clicking here:

For local donations you can send a check to
PO Box 525
Belize City, Belize

or donate directly to our Belize Bank Account Number 71096



  1. I am extremely proud of you Rowan. You are a special gift from God and a blessing to others. I wish you and the rest of the group making the trek the best on your endeavour to raise funds for the summer camp. I am sure you will be successful.

  2. Rowan,
    I am so grateful to be able to call someone like you a friend. You are an amazing young man with a an awesome future ahead of you. Having climbed Victoria peak with your dad many years ago, I know what an incredible challenge it is. With your courage and enthusiasm, I know you will accomplish your goals! Good luck and know that this site will be shown to many of our students and teachers in Keene.

  3. Row

    We are so proud of you. You are indeed a special guy and we are certain that many lives will be impacted by your courage and determination. We will be supporting you and keeping you in our prayers for success in your feat. The Parientes.